The Area

Since 1993 Aubeterre sur Dronne has been officially listed as a classified is one of the « The Most Beautiful Villages in France». Perched on a hillside with its meandering narrow streets and the village square surrounded by cooling lime trees, it is conveniently situated on the border of the “South” Charente and the Dordogne.
The perfect place to live and visit. Tourists and visitors can enjoy an array of different restaurants, cafes, independent boutiques selling clothes, bags, jewellery and presents, locally made pottery and regional organic produce.

Over 1000 years Aubeterre has welcomed pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella in north west Spain, and visitors and tourists. The extraordinary, monolithic, underground Church of St Jean and the Romanesque Church of St Jacques, with its stunning façade add to the cultural status of Aubeterre sur Dronne.

The Charente lies within the region of Poitou-Charentes and is the sunniest spot in western France with the most hours of sunshine per year. The average summer temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. This has to do with a warm Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean.

The landscape of the region is very diverse, such as the marshlands of the marshlands of the Marais poitevin, the caves de Cognac, the beautiful coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and the old harbour of La Rochelle and Royan.

Aubeterre sur Dronne